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In an effort to express HYBRID SHOP OF THE TRIAD and Bill's Auto Clinic, Inc.'s management and staff's desire to serve our Lord and our community, we participate in the Jesus Labor of Love Program in partnership with The Christian Car Guy Radio Show. The program is a way to provide a limited amount of Free Labor on single moms’ and widows’ cars across the country on the First Saturday of every month. We are closed most Saturdays, so we will schedule appointments for auto repairs or maintenance through the week. Single Moms and Widows will be allowed to bring their own auto parts, but they will not be covered under our warranty unless parts are purchased directly from HYBRID SHOP OF THE TRIAD powered by... Bill's Auto Clinic, Inc. We have agreed to not charge for labor or overcharge for parts acquired through our vendors. We have also agreed to keep the spirit of the program and glorify God in the process. As with all customers, we can provide general service and maintenance, computer diagnostics, wheel alignments, oil change, tire pressure check, engine or transmission repair, and Complete Car Care.

Requirements: Single Moms and Widows are required to be approved through The Christian Car Guy program, then make an appointment at Bill's Auto Clinic, Inc. by calling 336-661-1011 prior to arriving when you need service and mention this offer.

*Certain limits apply. *Please know that BILL'S AUTO CLINIC, INC. and Hybrid Shop of the Triad is donating a limited quantity of time/labor each month and after that limit is exceeded will need to charge for any extra or do the rest the following month.

***The following is a direct quote from ***

The Jesus’ Labor Of Love Program is an outreach ministry of the Christian Car Guy Radio Show. It is our hope to share the love of our Savior, Jesus, with people in an automotive crisis.

We simply want to be a means that a person praying: “Lord please help me, I don’t know what to do to get my car fixed.” to get connected with the service center person who is at the same time praying, “Lord please show me how You can use me.” We have found time and again that this is exactly what the Lord is coordinating.

The Jesus Labor of Love was prayerfully started in the spring of 2011 since then the Lord has blessed us to reach out across the country now with over 28 service outlets in 7 seven states and 15 cities. We also now have one full time volunteer and two part-time folks along with Robby.

We would love to reach more and if you have a need, we would ask that you go ahead and go to and fill out a form even if we are not currently in your city as we have found it easier to get outlets once we have a stated need. If you have a service center and would like to participate, please go to that page and apply.

If you have any feed back or ideas that would help, please don’t hesitate to contact Robby, you may click this link or email him at [email protected].

Board Members:

Robby Dilmore

Bob Young

Lori Young

Jerry Mathis

Sam Main

***end quote***