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Our Story

Hybrid Shop of the Triad began as our owner and founder, Bill Fisher's idea to put the experience he already had in the automotive repair industry to good use in today's technologically advanced and "eco-friendly" automotive aftermarket.

Bill wondered how to help increase fuel efficiency and lower emissions. After some experimentation with Hydrogen power, he began to search out other alternative fuel sources for vehicles. Bill also began to research hybrid automotive solutions. He found that almost all automotive manufacturers were focusing less on petroleum power and developing more earth friendly, sustainable, renewable energy sources to power cars like plug-in electric, hybrid gas/electric and solar energy.  

Rather you believe that global warming is a real crisis or just the latest trend in social media's political agenda, the earth's climate is changing, ice caps are melting, and our natural resources are being used at alarming rates. What can we do? Reduce, Reuse, Recycle...yes. Give up our cars and only ride bicycles? Realistically, that's just not practical.

We as a family and as a company, firmly believe that we have a responsibility to protect the blessings we have been given. We feel that by expanding our business to accommodate the growing need for hybrid/electric auto repair, we can help more car owners to see the value in higher efficiency vehicles. Thereby, reducing the amount of fossil fuels and harmful chemicals burned in conventional vehicles and released into the earth's atmosphere.

Part of the solution is to focus on learning everything available about Hybrid and Electric Vehicles. Bill began specialized hands-on training with state-of-the-art equipment and multiple makes and models of hybrid and pure electric vehicles. He was certified at the Auto Careers Development Center (ACDC) in Worcester, Mass. under one of the world's most experienced instructors in the field, Craig Van Batenburg, CEO and founder of ACDC. Coursework included in class, on-line, and hands-on disassembling hybrids, scoping, scanning, diagnosis techniques, finding real-world fixes for real-world problems, and a lot more. ACDC has 3 training classrooms on wheels plus HEVs / PHEVs and EVs at classes. Our staff has also completed and been certified in specialized hybrid auto repair and maintenance training courses held through local educators and facilities.

As we continue to educate our staff, we are finding that for the most

part, dealership's technicians are not actually experts in such specialized repairs,

they basically only REPLACE with new, and toss the old batteries into our already

overwhelmed waste facilities. Defeating the purpose, altogether. 

By learning more about advanced hybrid battery reconditioning techniques and

investing in the world's highest quality equipment, we are among the very best

in our field. We are able to REPAIR, rather than replace in most cases. Saving

our customers thousands of dollars on average over dealership prices. And,

most importantly, helping to save our planet by reducing waste, keeping nickel

metal hydride batteries and the cars they power out of landfills and in our

customer's cars where they belong, prolonging the life of the car.

It's the best win-win situation for us all.

Our New and Improved Business Plan

Hybrid Shop of the Triad...powered by Bill's Auto Clinic, Inc. is a huge leap of faith for us in an effort to be "good stewards of the earth". It is our way of reducing not only our own "carbon foot print", but helping other EV and Hybrid car owners to do the same. In this way, we hope to leave an inheritance (this planet, in better condition than we inherited it) for our children's children.

We are selling our personal conventional daily drivers and upgrading both our individual and business fleet to hybrid vehicles, thusly practicing what we preach.  

We will soon be installing a charging station for the complementary use of anyone who owns or operates an electric vehicle, and will list it, (upon completion) online so that it can easily be located via GPS.

Our goal...Happy Customers, Happy Life!

We will continue in our educational pursuits to become better qualified, certified, advanced, and master hybrid technicians, service advisors, and business owners.

We will continue to strive to give our customers the utmost in excellent customer service as we provide exceptional automotive repair service.

Why Us?

Our Mission



powered by

Bill’s Auto Clinic, Inc.

we see it as our mission…

To SERVE our customers and our community.

We strive to always give our patrons

the highest quality customer

and automotive service.

To always advise our customers to the best of our ability in how to care for their car, and thus their safety and well being, with the utmost of integrity. We stand behind every car repair or maintenance service that we provide.

To exceed our reputation for straightforward honesty.

To constantly and continually be updating and learning, not just about the ever changing world of automotive repair, but most importantly, about how to meet and exceed the needs of our customers. 

We reserve the right to refuse service that impedes our integrity.

If this means refusing to install a part recommended and sold to our customer by someone outside of our establishment, so be it.

We serve our customers by always doing the right thing, by our diagnosis, not someone else’s guess based on what part they can sell to a customer.